Specialty Drinks

Cold Brew - 4

Fresh, cold brewed tea. Ask about our flavors of the day. Served cold by the glass.

Traditional Matcha - 5

Ceremonial grade matcha with rich umami and floral notes organically grown in Nishio, Japan. Whisked by hand and prepared in traditional fashion for optimal flavor and creamy texture. Served warm by the bowl.

Tiger's Eye - 6

A modern take on traditional Tibetan butter tea (Po Cha) - Strong brewed aged puerh tea blended with ghee, turmeric, tarragon, black pepper, cinnamon, and local honey. Served hot by the cup.

Bee Pollen Puerh - 6

Aged puerh, bee pollen, burdock root, and honey. Served hot by the cup.

Marsala Chai (hot) / Horchata Chai (cold) - 5

Spiced chai, made from scratch right here in the tea shop. Served by the glass.