Small Plates & Entrees

Small Plates

Handmade Mochi  -  4

Sweet, pillowy dumplings made from pounded rice flour and filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Made fresh by hand each day. Two mochi per order.

Matcha Blossom Tiramisu  -  Sold Out

An adaptation of traditional tiramisu with matcha-soaked ladyfingers and jasmine infused cream made by hand right here in the shop.

Hiyayako - 4

A refreshing and chilled snack composed of silken tofu dirzzled in ponzu topped with bonito, scallions, and pickled ginger.

Chinese Tea Egg - Sold Out

A popular Street food in China and Taiwan. Hard boiled and brined in a mixture of teas and spices. Served peeled along with pickled ginger and roasted seaweed (nori).

Eastern Sampler  -  10

A platter of three eastern appetizers - House made cucumber tsukemono topped with black sesame and shredded shiso leaf, locally-made japanese kimchi topped with furikake, and kimpira (julieened and sauteed burdock and carrot) topped with togarashi.
*Dishes can be ordered individually for $4 apiece

Miso Soup  -  4.5

House-made dashi stock miso with tofu, wakame, and black sesame garnished with fresh scallions.



Shiitake Soba  -  12

Soba noodles and sauteed shiitake mushrooms served in a rich broth seasoned with kimchi and topped with fresh scallions, black sesame, and enoki mushrooms.
*Soba noodles currently being substituted for udon due to a shortage with suppliers.

Tea Leaf Salad  -  12

A bright mix of freshly chopped lettuce, cabbage, and cilantro along with fremented Iron Goddess tea leaves tossed with shaved coconut, crushed peanuts, sunflower and sesame seeds dressed with a mild tahini lime sauce and topped with mandarin orange, fresh ginger, and fried shallots.

Chinese Pork Noodle Soup  -  12

Chinese egg noodles, shredded pork, and sauteed shiitake mushrooms in a rich and spicy broth. Topped with scallions, shiso leaf, and cotton-candy pork.

Savory Soba Soup - 12

Soba noodles served in a decadent broth filled with wakame, bonito, and shiitake mushrooms. Topped with black sesame seeds and green onion.
*Soba noodles currently being substituted for udon due to a shortage with suppliers.