Specialty Drinks

Fresh Cold Brew or Hot Tea - 4

Enjoy a cup of freshly cold brewed tea or a steaming hot cup of one the teas we have here in shop.

Jasmine Jun - 6

Made by Shanti Elixir's with our own high-quality whole leaf teas. We are proud to offer Honey Jasmine Jun on tap. Served cold by the glass.

Tiger's Eye - 6

A modern take on Tibetan butter tea (Po Cha) - Hard brewed, aged puerh tea blended with ghee, cinnamon, turmeric, tarragon, black pepper, and local honey.

Bee Pollen Puerh - 6

Locally-sourced bee pollen infused with aged puerh tea. Highly nutritious and uplifting. Served hot by the cup.