How to Brew Gung Fu Tea

Brewing Gung fu tea can look a little complicated, but it's so simple that even a child can do it! 

In order to brew a good pot of tea you only need to remember three things:

  1. No boiling water! If you use boiling water, you will scald your tea leaves and ruin the flavor along with the antioxidant health benefit.
  2. No big tea pot! Tea is meant to be savored like wine, and good tea is meant to be brewed many times. That is why a vessel between 4-8oz should typically be thought of as an ideal size to brew in.
  3. Don't over-steep your tea! The longer you brew your tea the more tannin is escaping from the leaf and the more bitter your tea will become. On average, good tea brewed in the proper way only takes around 30sec per brew on average. If you prefer your tea to be more on the mild side, steep your tea quickly. If you like your tea on the stronger side, the longer you steep it, the more punch it will have.