Gung Fu Cha

White Tea

Bai Mu Dan - 8

The bud and two youngest leaves picked together, lightly oxidized, and dried flat. This tea produces a buttery textured liquid with the fragrance of a fresh-baked fruit danish.


Silver Needle - 8

Young tea buds from Anhui with an aroma reminiscent of white peach.

Jasmine Silver Needle - 10

An amazingly rich and silky jasmine scented white tea made from premium Anhui tea buds.

Jasmine Pearl - 8

The fist and second youngest leaves on the tea plant scented with jasmine and rolled into a beautiful pearl.

Green Tea

Jade Spring - 6/8/10

A famous Chinese green tea from Jiang Su divided into three grades: nutty, fruity, and jasmine scented.

Dragonwell - 8